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Study Abroad

Haley Coleman

Haley Coleman  embarked upon a study abroad trip to China  as one of 20 students in the U.S. selected by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. One of the most empowering aspects of the trip for Haley was “seeing 19 other African-American students excelling and loving to learn.” At Mount Mary University, nearly 20 percent of students study abroad for a summer, semester or year. Pick your destination for a study abroad program

Haley Coleman

Honors Program

Students can achieve personal success with exclusive academic opportunities in Mount Mary's Honors Program. Aisha Ullius '20 shares, “Being part of the Honors Program has expanded opportunities for my education. I learned how events, projects, and programs I have attended have meaning because I am able to connect those experiences to what I am observing in the classroom setting or reading in a textbook.”

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Aisha Ullius ’20

aisha ullius

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