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Art Therapy Symposium

The "Decade of the Brain" is behind us but new knowledge of the brain as it directly impacts art therapy practice and evaluation has yet to be translated in to practical and effective uses. An integrative model of neuroscience and art therapy offers art-based, person-centered approaches that are both grounded in and supported by empirical knowledge of the brain.

original art by Chris Belkofer"The Image Has It:  Art, Practice and the Brain"
Annual Spring Art Therapy Symposium
Held in April 2014

Featuring a keynote presentation by Lukasz Konopka, Ph.D. and Chris Belkofer, Ph.D., ATR-BC

About the Keynote Speakers

Lukasz Konopka, Ph.D.Lukasz Konopka, Ph.D.
Professor Konopka is Chief Neuroscientist at Yellow Brook Consultation and Treatment Center and an internationally known clinical neuroscientist. He is also a member and mentor for Collegium Internationale NeuroPsychopharmacologicum, an organization promoting research in psychiatric disorders.

Chris Belkofer, Ph.D., ATR-BCChris Belkofer, Ph.D., ATR-BC
Professor Belkofer is Assistant Professor of Art Therapy and Director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program at Mount Mary University.  His research has focused on applying neuroscience frameworks to art therapy research and practice. 

This event is sponsored by the Mount Mary University Art Therapy Department and the Wisconsin Art Therapy Association.  Information about the 2015 Symposium is coming soon.