Mount Mary Publications

Get the latest information about campus happenings, learn about academic programs and share your story with Mount Mary through the following campus publications.

Academic Bulletins

  • The Undergraduate Bulletin (PDF) is the university’s undergraduate course catalog, published annually, containing details on university policies and graduation requirements for bachelor’s degree, pre-baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate certificate programs.
  • The Graduate Bulletin (PDF) is the university’s graduate course catalog, published annually, containing details on university policies and graduation requirements for master’s, post-master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Alumnae & Friends Publications

Mount Mary Magazine, the university’s alumnae magazine, is published twice a year by the Office of University Communications. The magazine contains campus news, current events, a calendar, and student and alumnae stories. See most recent issue of Mount Mary Magazine.

Quarterly Alumnae E-newsletter is sent to all university alumnae quarterly and provides updates on networking and other events, as well as campus news. Contact the Alumnae Office to be added to the email list.

Report to Donors is a publication incorporated into one issue of the Mount Mary Magazine each year that discusses Mount Mary’s successes made possible by the generosity of donors who believe in the university’s mission.

Campus Organization & Department Publications

Archdiocesan Teacher Resource Center Newsletter is published several times a year to provide information on new materials and job opportunities for educators in southeastern Wisconsin. Contact the Archdiocesan Teacher Resource Center to be added to the mailing list.

Arches is the Mount Mary student newspaper. Hard copies of the publication are in various locations on campus, including at the switchboard. An online edition of the newspaper also is available.

Paper Clips is an annual compilation of the university’s finest student writing. Submissions are selected from writing within English classes and faculty members choose outstanding papers to be published. Contact English faculty for more details.

Social Work News is a newsletter published twice per year that provides updates on social work student and alumnae achievements, graduates’ employment and licensure, current employment opportunities and student activities.