Mount Mary University faculty and administration can offer expertise and insights on a variety of topics. They are available for a phone or in person interview. Please contact University Marketing & Communications, (414) 930-3552, to make arrangements to meet with one of our experts.


Jordan Anderson
Art and Graphic Design Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3107

Art Therapy

Bruce Moon
Art Therapy Faculty
(414) 930-3352

Chris Belkofer
Art Therapy Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3120

Lynn Kapitan
Art Therapy Doctoral Program Director
(414) 930-3250

Melody Todd
Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Adviser
Phone: (414) 930-3483


Marc Heidorf
Director of Athletics
(414) 930-3219

Behavioral Science

Krista Moore
Behavioral Science Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3353


Mary Fletcher
Business Administration Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3180

Kristen Roche
MBA Program Director
(414) 930-3419

College/Higher Education 

Marc Belanger
IT Director
(414) 930 3048

David Wegener
Vice President for Enrollment Services
(414) 930-3024

Joan Penzenstadler, SSND
Vice President for Mission Identity
(414) 930-3388


Marmy Clason
Communication Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3143

Counseling (Community, School, Clinical Mental Health)

Carrie Smith King
Director, Graduate Program in Counseling
(414) 930-3262

Tammy H. Scheidegger
Practicum/Internship Coordinator
(414) 930-3434


Lisa Stark
Dietetics Department Chairperson
Dietetic Internship Program Director
(414) 930-3464

Megan Baumler
Dietetics Graduate Program Director
(414) 930-3116

Cynthia Dostal
Coordinated Program in Dietetics Director
(414) 930-3161


Debra Dosemagen
Education Department Chairperson
Master of Arts in Education Program Chairperson
(414) 930-3160


Deb Brenegan
English Graduate Program Director
(414) 930-3132

Ann Angel
English Graduate Program Director
(414) 930-3109

Laura Otto
English Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3379


Trish R. Kuehnl
Fashion Faculty
(414) 930-3282

  • Boutiques
  • Trends (local, state and national)

Graduate Studies 

Honors Program

Interior Design

Barbara Armstrong
Dean of the School of Arts and Design
(414) 930-3110


Mary Ellen Kohn-Buday
World Languages Department Chairperson
International Studies Program Director
(414) 930-3271

Liberal Studies



Barbara Armstrong
Dean of the School of Arts and Design
(414) 930-3110

Occupational Therapy

Kari Inda
Occupational Therapy Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3238

Jane Olson
Post-professional Occupational Therapy Program Director
(414) 930-3376

Stephanie Beisbier
Occupational Therapy Faculty
(414) 930-3118


Jennifer Hockenbery
Philosophy Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3231

Music, Movement and Dance

Political Issues 

Linda Marie Bos, SSND
Chair, History Department
(414) 930-3127


  • Theology
  • Israel and West Bank (land, culture, politics)
  • Biblical Studies:
    • Textual study
    • Archeology and biblical history
    • Early Judaism

Donald Rappé
Faculty, Theology Department
(414) 930-3405

  • Ethics

Shawnee Daniels-Sykes, SSND
Faculty, Theology Department
(414) 930-3152

  • Religion and Natural Sciences
  • History of Theological Thought


Lynn Diener
Science Department Chairperson
Biology Department Chairperson
Physics Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3157

Steve Levsen
Chemistry Program Director
(414) 930-3307

School of Arts & Design

School of Business

Barbara Armstrong
Dean of the School of Arts and Design
(414) 930-3110

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Kathleen Dougherty
Dean of the School of Humanities
(414) 930-3162

School of Natural and Health Sciences

Cheryl Bailey
Dean of the School of Natural and Health Sciences
(414) 930-3111

Social Work 

Melinda Kiltz
Social Work Department Chairperson
(414) 930-3261

Mary Ann Suppes, LCSW
Faculty, Social Work Department
(414) 930-3471

Sustainability/Environmental Issues 

Lynne Woehrle
Faculty, Behavioral Science Department
(414) 930-3521

Colleen Conway
Faculty, Science Department
(414) 930-3149