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Recognizing employee service to the University

Mount Mary is proud to recognize the faculty, staff, and administration celebrating their anniversary of dedicated service to the University. These employees have served more than 315 years of collective service.

Among the recipients were:

Linda Gleason, Dietetics, 10 years

You may have seen Linda Gleason in the Mount Mary Garden, demonstrating how to make homemade mozzarella cheese or even exhibiting knife skills. This year, Linda is celebrating 35 years as a registered dietitian. Before joining Mount Mary 10 years ago, she had an exemplary career primarily focused around genetic disorders in the pediatric population. Today she teaches Culinary Skills, Food Science, Nutrition Education and Counseling, and Community Nutrition.

Mary Karr, Registrar, 10 years

While you may not know that Mary used to live in the former Soviet Union, that she will be celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary this week, you probably do know that she is the one who always seems to have all the answers and that she always has the best interest of our students at heart. You also may know her, affectionately, as the enforcer. As Registrar, she is regularly asked to present on topics on both a state-wide and national scale.

Sister Linda Marie Bos, History, 25 years

Trust and Dare. Sister Linda Marie has lived by the words of Mother Theresa of Jesus Gergardinger. During her 25 years of service, she has created many online History and Political Science courses, so that students can earn a degree around the challenges of their lives. She has gone with them to Germany, China, Korea, and Japan. As a former advisor to Student government, she has encouraged students to speak truth to power. She started the Model UN course so students would have a global vision and continues to link people of other nations through the internet into her courses.

Sister Pat Obremski, Physics, 40 years

Sister Patricia Ann Obremski is an Associate Professor of Physics with 40 years of service to Mount Mary University. Over her years as a professor at Mount Mary she has taught pretty much every single science class offered and a few math classes as well. She embraces the liberal arts tradition by being both a scientist and a poet. She has served on a large number of committees everything from Curricular development, Strategic planning, Faculty Development, to Grievance, some of them many times. She also led the Sciences Division as its chair.

All recipients:
40 years, Sandra Keiser- Fashion
40 years, S. Georgeann Krzyzanowski - Buildings and Grounds
40 years, S. Pat Obremski – Science
25 years, Sister Linda Marie Bos - History
25 years, Laurel End – Psychology
25 years, Karen Friedlen - Academic and Student Affairs
10 years, Patrick Aiman - Buildings and Grounds
10 years, S. Linda Marie Bos - History
10 years, Shawnee Daniels-Sykes - Theology
10 years, Robin Forster - Sociology, Justice, Psychology
10 years, Linda Gleason - Dietetics
10 years, Barbara Gunn - Communication
10 years, Mary Karr - Registrar's Office
10 years, Melinda Kiltz - Social Work
10 years, Rosella Lanier - Buildings and Grounds
10 years, Heather Martin - Occupational Therapy
10 years, Kathryn Meyler - World Languages
10 years, Tammy Scheidegger - Counseling
10 years, Julie Tatlock - History