Do you like watching “Law & Order,” “CSI,” “Castle,” “Cold Case,” “Judge Judy” or other detective, judge or law TV shows? Do you want to help others get a fair chance at living a productive life? If so, Mount Mary University’s justice major might be for you.

At Mount Mary, justice is not just about criminal justice. It’s about developing skills to pursue a balanced and meaningful life, and helping to empower and protect others through self-reliance, integrity, collaboration, access to legal knowledge, creative problem solving and compassion. 

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Create a Foundation for Career Success

Justice majors are expected to be in demand for many years to come. A major in justice could lead to careers as a lawyer, business executive, victim’s advocate, law enforcement officer, youth mentor and more. Discover more about justice careers.

Challenging and Empowering Curriculum

Mount Mary University offers a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Justice degree, as well as provides a pre-law curriculum. Through the justice program, you will learn to protect your own rights and help others through developing an understanding of causes and impacts of crime, the justice system, social justice, negotiation and consensus-building.

Justice Activities Outside the Classroom

Mount Mary’s student-run Justice on the Rise club provides opportunities for you to meet women leaders in justice career fields and participate in service learning activities.

Scholarships for Justice Majors

Mount Mary justice majors may qualify for an academic scholarship, or for the Grace Scholars or Caroline Scholars program. Learn more about scholarships at Mount Mary.

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I believe in the justice program because of the support from your professors, the hands-on experience, networking opportunities and women’s leadership focus. My experience at Mount Mary has been life changing. After graduating, I started working to obtain my master’s degree in counseling at Mount Mary. 

Lakesha Jones

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