Many people think of studying history as a hobby, but not as a way to make a living. As a history major at Mount Mary University, you’ll discover history is more than just a hobby, but a gateway to several career opportunities. History is a great major if you want to dedicate your life to transforming the world. 

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A Solid Foundation for Many Career Possibilities

Most Mount Mary history graduates work as teachers or go on to graduate school. A history degree prepares you to be a leader in a global society and can be a launching pad for a career in law, politics, government, humanitarian work or preserving or researching history and historical artifacts. Discover more about history careers.

Curriculum to Expand Your World

Mount Mary offers a Bachelor of Arts in History degree, as well as a minor in history, minor in political science and post-baccalaureate certificate in history. Courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting as well as online. The curriculum offers a global view and explores women in history. In a special course, you can study the United Nations and then work for a nongovernmental organization at a UN conference.

History Activities Outside of Class

Mount Mary offers two history-specific student groups for you to become involved with: History Club and Phi Alpha Theta national honor society. Learn more about history student activities.

Scholarships for History Majors

History majors who have completed at least 8 credits at Mount Mary and demonstrate a consistent pattern of academic excellence may apply for a grant from the S. Mary Joseph Kennedy Memorial Fund. Contact the history chairperson for more information on this award. Learn more about Mount Mary scholarships.

History Careers, Curriculum, Student Activities and Faculty

Mount Mary allowed me to travel abroad and see the important women who are currently striving to change the world. More importantly, Mount Mary taught me about the women and other voiceless people in history that need to be studied to help change the world we live in now. 

Ivy Padula

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