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Wendy Weaver

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Wendy Weaver
Office: Fidelis Hall, room 312
Phone: 414-930-3505

Develop informed interpretations and effectively communicate conclusions about the human condition. Expand your ability to analyze, synthesize and critique as you prepare yourself for the working world. Mount Mary’s School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education is committed to a culture of innovation in teaching and exploration and collaboration in learning.

What's new? 

ped talks - pedagogy, the art and science of teaching

Introducing Mount Mary's "ped talks," a faculty-centered project focused on sharing creative approaches to teaching in post-secondary classrooms.

In this installment, Dr. Paula Reiter, Associate Professor of English, examines the concept of "FLIPping the classroom."  Dr. Reiter addresses her motivation for changing her approach to teaching to involve the students in the process, shares examples and discusses outcomes.  Watch Dr. Reiter's "ped talk." (17:00m)

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