Welcome to the School of Arts and Design

Within the School of Arts and Design, creativity and uniqueness flourish. We offer multiple degree programs that lay a strong foundation in visual arts and design including Fine Art and Graphic Design, Fashion and Merchandise Management and Interior Design. Additionally, the School provides opportunities to study performing arts disciplines including Music and Dance/Physical Education as part of our liberal arts core.

With a grounding in fundamental techniques, students are challenged to understand aesthetic taste and the ability to use the language of art and design as a means to express culture, tell unique stories, bring focus on societal issues, and add a visual element to communication.

Programs of Study

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Mount Mary fashion bootcamp fashion photography

Fashion Design

Learn design from start to finish: sewing techniques, pattern construction, fashion drawing, textiles and computer graphics.

Mount Mary fashion bootcamp runway show

Interior Design consults on city plans

Interior design majors offer plans for community causes, such as Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army.

Mount Mary fashion bootcamp runway show

Graphic Design beyond campus

Students contribute design ideas, logos and plans to local businesses and the University.

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Fine Art

Printmaking students are creating large-scale murals for the sweeping, arched windows of Bergstrom Hall.

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Music, Movement and Dance

A variety of classes to show you how wellness includes your whole body and personal development.

Mount Mary fashion bootcamp

Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurs

Fashion merchandise management students present to local business owners theMINIClassy.

Mount Mary fashion bootcamp

Art Therapy: Expressing courage on canvas

Students explored the idea of leadership at the University’s open art therapy studio, the only one of its kind on a college campus. This center is staffed and facilitated by graduate students, who help participants connect the art-making experience to wellness, happiness and healing.

CREO: A celebration of student work in Arts & Design

Each spring semester, the School of Arts and Design celebrates student achievement with Senior Art and Design exhibitions and features the designs of fashion students from all levels in a student-produced fashion show known as CREO.

Learn about CREO

Courses in arts and design help you:

  • Be expressive and empathetic using tools of each discipline - be it the paintbrush, pottery wheel, stylus, sewing machine, musical instrument, camera or drawing board
  • Find your own voice and enhance the voices of others
  • Express culture and build community through divergent means and methods
  • Use the multiple "languages" of creativity in the process of problem solving
  • Recognize the empowerment of artistic expression as a voice for others
  • Develop an understanding of the history and science of artistic expression

Mount Mary offers a unique opportunity to leverage creative expression to transform the world. Whether through the act of creating new, processing and expressing reality of the now or engaging in building the future, students who graduate from the School of Arts and Design are empowered to make a difference in the lives of others and themselves.

What's New in Arts & Design?

CREO: Fashion, Art and Design Show - Each spring, the School of Arts & Design presents this celebration of creativity showcasing the work of students in the fine art, interior, graphic and fashion design programs at Mount Mary.  Visit mtmary.edu/creo to learn more about this New York-style fashion runway show and fine art display.

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