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ConnectED Courses

Each high school offering courses through Mount Mary University’s ConnectED program offers different courses, depending on which courses and instructors are ConnectED-approved. Below is a list by high school of ConnectED courses offered at Milwaukee area high schools. High school course names and their equivalent course and number of credits are listed for each class.

Divine Savior Holy Angels (Milwaukee)

  • AP US Politics and Government = POS 213: American Government, 3 credits
    Instructor: Patrick Dawson
    This course is on the American governmental system, its development, constitution, structure and operation with emphasis on fundamental principles and their application in the institutions and political processes.
  • Honors Anatomy and Physiology = BIO 212, Human Physiology, 4 credits
    Instructor: Scott Fleischmann
    This course explores how the function, regulation and integration of the major organ systems of the human body operate to maintain homeostasis and sustain life. The laboratory focuses on acquisition and analysis of physiological data. Prerequisite: BIO 103
  • Honors Western Civilization II = HIS 104: Western Civilization II, 3 credits
    Instructor: Chris Weiss
    The course covers Western civilization from the 16th to the 20th century in terms of cultural, social and political development.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy (Kenosha)

  • AP Biology = BIO 103: Introductory Biology, 4 credits
    Instructor: Mike Mroz
    This foundational course explores the organization of living things from the molecular level to the level of the biosphere. Topics include biological molecules, cell structure and replication, energy flow, genetics and the ecological relationship of populations. The laboratory emphasizes data collection and analysis using relevant model systems.
    Prerequisite: high school biology and math competency
  • AP Calculus = MAT 251: Calculus I, 4 credits
    Instructor: Cindy Benhart/Karen Feldmeier
    Review of precalculus concepts; study of limits and continuity of functions, the derivative and its applications, the indefinite integral. A graphing calculator is required.
  • AP Chemistry = CHE 113: Chemical Principals I, 4 credits
    Instructor: Louise Meyer
    This course includes dimensional analysis, atomic structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, physical states of matter, energy relationships, periodic table, atomic and molecular structure and solutions. The laboratory complements the course topics.
    Prerequisites: (1) high school chemistry or concurrent enrollment in CHE 112 and (2) MAT 101
  • AP Microeconomics = BUS 301, 4 credits
    Instructor: Kristen Peterson
    Description Basic course in microeconomics with primary emphasis on how demand, supply, and the price mechanism direct economic activities in a market economy. Topics include consumer behavior, production, market analysis, general resource allocation, income distribution, taxation, and government activities. New topics in microeconomics theory such as behavioral economics and assymetric information are included.
    Prerequisites: More information soon.
  • AP Psychology = PSY 103: Introductory Psychology, 4 credits
    Instructor: Kristen Peterson
    Introduction to basic concepts, theories and applications in the areas of learning, development, perception, cognition, intelligence, personality, psychopathology, motivation, psychotherapy, social psychology, the brain and behavior.