Post-Professional Occupational Therapy courses and course materials are accessed through Mount Mary University's password protected E-Learning Management System: The following technology and skill requirements are required to readily access the learning resources and complete assignments.

  • Access to desktop or laptop computer (PC-based system) with Windows 7 or newer operating system (If using a Mac, please work with Mount Mary's IT department to obtain trouble-shooting related to Mac-specific operating systems and software). Tablets can be used for some class functions.
  • Web camera
  • Telephone, headset with microphone or microphone built into your device
  • The following programs must be installed on your device:
  • Ability to send and receive emails, upload attachments and download attachments (.pdf and .docx files)
  • Ability to independently use a search engine (such as Google or Bing!) to locate information and websites on the internet. Ability to click on links to navigate websites.
  • Ability to use a word processing program (Microsoft Word or Mac Pages) to create documents and format documents (e.g. font, margins, spelling, grammar).
  • Ability to create slide presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac Keynote.
  • Access to the internet
  • Basic keyboarding skills

Students work independently to complete assignments, but may opt to enter the program with a learning partner. Students are required to be self-directed, take initiative to ask questions and collaborate with others.  Work can be completed at any time of day or night from any location that has Internet access, which allows everyone an equal opportunity to contribute to discussions and provides a rich learning experience.