Advance your career with a Occupational Therapy Post-Professional Doctorate (OTD) from Mount Mary.  You'll be ready to perform as a leader in your field no matter what your specialty.

The Occupational Therapy Post-Professional Doctorate (OTD) is a part-time, distance learning program designed for practicing occupational therapists -- both men and women -- who seek to advance their competencies in specialty practice and service delivery. By remaining in the work setting while engaging in advanced education, you'll discover problems, explore solutions, expand knowledge and develop skills in a manner that has ongoing real-world application.

Learning experiences are student-centered designed to enhance depth of knowledge through reflective practice.  Program participants will complete a portfolio of accomplishments in specialty practice and service delivery that can be used for career advancement or as preparation for seeking board certification through the American Occupational Therapy Association.  Program focus areas include:

  • Pediatrics
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Gerontology
  • Mental health
  • Education
  • Leadership

Note: The Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) program is not affiliated with The American Occupational Therapy Association. Graduates of the program are not guaranteed board or specialty certification through AOTA. Please visit AOTA's website to learn more information about the board and specialty certifications.

Did you know?

callout_occupational_therapy_2016_2.jpgThere are over 113,000 licensed occupational therapists in the country today.  Only 158 are board certified in specialty practice areas.

With an Occupational Therapy Post-Professional Doctorate, you'll gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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