As a Mount Mary University professional doctorate student, you will be part of a cutting-edge program in healthcare education. This degree program is the first art therapy practice-based terminal degree program of its kind in the United States.

The program is a low-residency program for working professionals delivered in a convenient, digital format. The curriculum is interest-driven—meaning you can customize your experience through remote and online access to faculty, peers and information. The program also helps you develop and enhance skills employers want and need through promoting collaboration, innovation, critical thinking and communication using tools such as virtual classrooms, multimedia tools and education-based social media.

As the art therapy profession evolves, the perceptions of the professional doctorate are rapidly changing:

1.Growth of professional doctorates in psychology, education, nursing, health sciences, allied health and professional counseling are creating a “tipping point” of acceptance by employers seeking advanced practitioners.

2.Societal trends are driving a new level of practice and resurgence of interest in professional doctorates throughout the healthcare system.

3.Gaps remain in what is required to advance practice, as continued expansion of master’s degree programs is no longer socially responsible.

4.Information technology has created a vast potential for dramatic improvements in practice; thus, the need for expert art therapists with competency-based doctorates for the positions of today and tomorrow.

5.Growing diversity of clients and emerging complexities means a growing need for art therapists to assist in the construction of acceptable approaches to patient care that are both evidence-based and culturally competent.

6.The field of art therapy needs change agents with clinical skills and a system orientation to increase the number of advanced providers and leaders who demand a professional role at the doctoral level in parity with other doctoral healthcare professionals.

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