Katie seeks to support a mission for the greater good.
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Katie Roell

A native of Iron Mountain, MI, Katie began her schooling as an Occupational Therapy major. But, she soon realized she wanted to help support a mission for the greater good.

Sophomore year, Katie became a Caroline Scholar, which introduced her to many nonprofit organizations in Milwaukee, including working with the Aurora Sexual Assault Treatment Center and Southeastern Wisconsin Common Ground. This experience, coupled with her involvement with the Women’s Leadership Institute, has opened her eyes to the greater potential for her talents, having exposed her to women who are transforming the world in all different ways.

Now she’s set her sights on bigger leadership roles than she’d ever aspired to before. While she always knew she wanted to do impactful work in the non-profit sector, it is through her Mount Mary experience that she found the clarity, ambition and drive to start on a path towards an executive director position.  Passionate about the complex issues facing the city, Katie envisions taking her first steps down that path at a larger area corporation that will allow her to influence their charitable contribution decisions to make the biggest impact on the most pressing challenges.