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Diversity & Inclusion

Mount Mary University’s vision is to be recognized as a diverse learning community that works in partnership with local, national and global organizations to educate women to transform the world.

Berenice Bahena Jurado

Berenice Bahena Jurado

Admissions Counselor and Mount Mary Alumna

"As a first generation college student, I appreciated the support system at Mount Mary. Today I’m proud to be a graduate and employee of the university."


Photo Credit: Sophie Beck

Photo originally appeared in Winter 2016 issue of Arches


All are welcome at Mount Mary University. Our teaching and learning environment fosters unity in a divided world. Core values of compassion, competence, community and commitment promote a holistic education that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and emphasize the development of the whole person.

Supporting a Diverse Student Body

As diversity has increased so have programs and services to support student success. Two grant-funded programs are designed to attract and retain disadvantaged students and underrepresented minority populations:

  • Grace Scholars – increases access to post-secondary education in communities where college might otherwise be out of reach. Each year, the program provides 30 incoming freshman with 85 percent tuition coverage for four years.

  • Promise Program – a federally funded TRIO Student Support Services program, also serving first-generation and low-income college students at the university in order to help them remain in good academic standing, persist in college, and graduate with a baccalaureate degree.

Building a Diverse Campus

Mount Mary consistently ranks as one of the most diverse campuses in the Midwest region. Young women from a myriad of races, ethnicities, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious affiliations are represented on campus. 

Demographic data since 1980 

We have intentionally moved to inclusion over the past several decades. The diversity of the university’s undergraduate student body increased from 12% students of color in 1980 to 52% in the fall of 2017. 

Diversity & Inclusion Council

The Diversity and Inclusion Council at Mount Mary University seeks to foster an academic community and campus climate that provides education to transform the world. This takes place through embracing the values of MMU with an emphasis on open-mindedness, respect, cultural awareness and sensitivity, equity, and inclusion. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Council is comprised of four faculty members, two administrative staff, two support staff, and two students. Council members are appointed by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Ex-Officio members include the President, the VP for Academic and Student Affairs, the Director of HR, the Dean for Academic Affairs, and the Director of the Promise Program.

Council meetings are open to any member of the Mount Mary Community who is interested in contributing to this work. Please contact Council Chair, Tiffany Tardy at (414) 930-3548 or if you are interested in attending. Fall 2018 meetings will be held at noon on the following Mondays:

  • Monday, October 22nd, 12-1 pm - Ewens Center
  • Monday, November 26th, 12-1 pm - Ewens Center

If you are interested in contacting the Council, please email: