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Master of Business Administration FAQs

View answers to commonly asked questions about the Mount Mary MBA program. If you have additional questions, contact your graduate admission counselor.

Admissions Questions

When is the deadline for applications?

There are five different application deadlines each year. See the application deadlines on the MBA Admission Requirements page.

Why is the GMAT not required for applying to Mount Mary’s MBA program?

Research finds that standardized exams do not directly reflect the ability of potential graduate and adult students. Students are assessed by their undergraduate transcript(s), career goals statement and if necessary, an interview with the MBA program director.

Accelerated Course Format Questions

When does my accelerated course start?

The start date of your course is listed on your class schedule in MyMountMary. If your course begins in August (Term 1) or January (Term 3), it begins before the regular undergraduate semester.

How often do the accelerated courses meet?

Accelerated courses meet in five, eight-week terms each year. Courses meet one night a week on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. The accelerated course content is the same as a traditional 15-week semester course, meaning the time spent in class is reduced, but the material you are expected to learn is not reduced. You are responsible for independent learning outside of the classroom.

Do I need to do anything before an accelerated course starts?

Yes. You must obtain your textbook and the course syllabus prior to the first class. Most of the classes have an assignment due the first night of class or even before the class begins. Syllabi are available about two weeks before the start of the first class. Download a PDF copy in MyMountMary (after logging in, under the Academics tab, click on E-racer, then All My Courses). If the course does not show up on your list of current courses, choose “future courses” from the dropdown menu. Courses do not show up as current until two weeks before the course begins.

How much time will I need to spend on coursework?

The typical rule of thumb is to spend at least four hours on coursework for every 1 credit of class per week. Because Mount Mary MBA courses are 3 credits, you should expect to devote 12 hours to studying and coursework per week. You are spending less time in the classroom, so more responsibility is put on you to handle the independent study workload.

Will there be group work?

Yes. Some courses require group work and presentations. However, instructors are mindful of students’ busy schedules that balance work, family and school. Group work may be part of the course, but it will not comprise the majority of the coursework.

Do I need to attend all classes?

Yes. Condensing the material from a 15-week semester into eight weeks requires you to make a strong commitment to attending every class for the entire three hours. In you are unable to attend a class, you must contact the instructor ahead of time. You are responsible for making up missed work, obtaining class notes and arranging (ahead of time) if you will miss an exam.

The accelerated attendance policy is consistent across the MBA program: If you incur two absences, the instructor, at a minimum, is required to lower your grade by one letter grade (e.g. From a B to a BC). If you incur three absences, you automatically will fail the course unless you withdraw from it before the published deadline. Attending classes for half the time can add up to full absences, meaning attending two half classes constitute one absence.

What is the latest that I can drop a class and not receive an F?

You may drop the course anytime prior to the start of the second class session and it will not appear on your transcript. If you withdraw after the second class has begun, but before the seventh class, you will receive a “W” on your transcript. A student may not withdraw once the seventh class session has begun.

What happens if a class is canceled due to the school closing or instructor illness?

If a class is canceled, the class time must be made up. Your instructor will determine a makeup night or Saturday with the students on the first night of class.

Tuition & Financial Aid Questions

How much is tuition?

View graduate tuition and fees information.

How can I finance my MBA at Mount Mary?

Graduate students are eligible for federal loans. To apply, you will need to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Additionally, many employers offer tuition reimbursement and students employed at Mount Mary’s corporate partners may receive a 5 percent tuition discount. See more financial aid information.

Miscellaneous Common Questions

Do I take classes in a cohort?

No, although you likely will develop relationships with other students as you progress through the program. Typically, two or three courses are offered each term. You can enroll in courses in a sequence that fits your needs and preferences. The only exception is the final capstone course, BUS 750, which is offered only in Term 4, beginning in March.

Who are Mount Mary MBA students?

Mount Mary is proud to educate a diverse group of women and men with relevant business experience. Our students are motivated to earn their MBA in order to seek promotion at their current employer, change employers or careers, or better operate their own small business.

Who are the Mount Mary MBA instructors?

A few instructors are full-time professors at Mount Mary, but many instructors are business professionals who have several years of experience in their respective teaching fields. All instructors hold a master’s and/or doctoral degree in business.

What is the average class size?

Classes range from six to 20 students, with the average around 12 to 15 students.

How long does it take the average MBA student to graduate?

If a student takes one course per term, he/she will graduate in 12 terms, or about two and a half years. Of course, prerequisite courses lengthen the time to graduation, and taking two courses in one term shortens the time to graduation.

Can I take two courses in one term?

Yes, but given the accelerated nature of the MBA program, this is an extremely challenging option for most students. Students are encouraged to contact the MBA program director before enrolling in two courses per term. In general, students should only consider this option if they are currently not working, are underemployed, are unemployed or are enrolling in two courses in which they already have a strong background.