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Promise Plus Project

Mount Mary's Promise Plus Project (P3) provides 60 students from traditionally  underserved backgrounds the resources they need to navigate the non-academic challenges that impact their ability to persist at the college level.

Promise Plus Project

Did you know?

P3 participant stats:

The average cumulative GPA of P3 students is 3.12 and 98% of all P3 students are in good academic standing.


Institutes/Targeted Curriculum: As a Promise Plus Project participant, you can take advantage of meetings and activities led by trained professionals that cover financial, social, cultural, and career development.  The activities are designed to meet the students at the appropriate level whether they are first years or near to graduation.

Peer Mentoring:  Junior and senior level students serve as peer mentors who connect with classmates on a personal level throughout the year to assist with academic and social acclimation of first- and second-year students. You'll gain leadership skills and work experience in the process.

Experiential Financial Literacy Lessons/Direct Financial Support: Learn how to track your personal and school-related expenses, monitor a virtual savings account, create savings plans, understand how to manage debt and monthly budgets.  Your participation can even earn you a stipend!

Non-Institute Group Activities:  Join activities such "etiquette boot camp" and leadership development opportunities all designed to engage you in the Mount Mary community, promote peer mentoring and network with other P3 students and community leaders. 

Contact Us

We are happy to answer your questions.  Contact our coordinator, Nicole Scher-Hubing,, (414) 258-4810, ext. 604.  Find out more about the Promise Program

The Promise Plus Project is funded by the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation.