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Journeys of Leadership

women's leadership institute

Whether you want to drive business growth, fight for social justice, or strengthen your community, the Women’s Leadership Institute provides a spark that ultimately helps you touch more lives in more meaningful ways.

Explore the stories of some of our leaders, who have embarked on an exciting journey from our foundational programming to the lifelong development of the holistic mindset of a valuable leader. 

Katie Roell

Katie Roell
She’s discovered that her calling is to help people, and she’s pursuing it with passion. 

Ostassia Jackson

Ostassia Jackson
She struggled to find her footing, but after some refocusing, she's ready to give back.

Trish Wollersheim

Trish Wollersheim
The real-world experiences and connections Trish gained at MMU provided her with exactly the foundation she needed to kick-start a great career.

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